Expert football picks every week from one of the most accurate football handicappers in the business. Todd Erickson has been handicapping pro football and college football successfully for over 25 years now and has become our premier expert here at Championship Picks. His football game predictions have not produced a losing season in over 13 consecutive years. Todd imageTodd uses his very own sports handicapping database compiled from his many years handicapping to recognize winning situations that the average bettor can't find on their own.
    Todd puts a little more effort into his decision making than most of his fellow football handicappers which yields more consistent results. As we all know, consistently is the name of the game.. profit over the long haul. It's a time consuming process but a process that works. We never change our handicapping system because of a bad week or month, a true sign of a proven system.
    We have several football handicapping plans to choose from starting with a 1 week trial up to a full season.

    MLB can be one of the hardest sports to wager on because your dealing with moneylines most of the time and you can lose your bankroll faster than you think. Just remember even -500 isn't a sure thing. We try to play solid underdogs or favorites under -150. We can give you direction, then the rest is up to you.. good money management!
Here are a few good rules to follow:
  1. Always shop for the best lines,betting list don't use only one online sportsbook exclusively.
  2. Never bet more than you can afford, you need to be able to withstand a losing streak. Here at Championship Picks we give out two types of plays, a single unit play to place a normal wager on and a 3 unit play, worthy of 3 times the wager.
  3. There are no locks, plays of the year, sure things or whatever else you may see that suggest the football picks can't loose!

All our NBA and NCAA basketball
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    Beating the NBA odds and college basketball lines is really tough, and will take you a lot of more time each night than most sports bettors have. Our basketball pick experts here at Championship Picks can help by taking the time to do the hard research and analyzing situational trends and angles to identify the winning edges for, giving you more time to just sit back, enjoy the game and watch your money grow.
    If you have been missing out on the hot basketball action because you only choose to gamble on football then it's time to consider how much money you could be making with one our premium basketball packages. You do not have to be a high roller to take advantage of our basketball or football handicapping service, as we have made sure that even if you are a small time bettor you can get involved with us and start winning money immediately.